Petya can provide your wedding day music either as a solo artist or with other highly regarded artists in their field to form a duo, trio, string quartet or any group or ensemble to match your requirements accordingly.


Professional violinist Petya Koleva has a wealth of experience dating back to 1990, playing in bands, sessions for TV and Radio, orchestras and chamber groups worldwide. The excellent acoustic and electric violins she has, and along with specially arranged backing tracks, comprehensive amplifiers and sound equipment, you are ensured delivery of an unparalleled live sound experience.

Violin and cello duo

Add a heavenly touch of elegance to your wedding music with the ethereal sounds of the violin and cello duo. For the combination of violin and cello duo, Petya teams up with her husband Kolio. Kolio Kolev is a cellist with vast experience over many years of playing the cello professionally. The violin and cello duo is thoroughly versatile, extremely flexible and able to perform inside a church, on a patio, in a garden, on the beach or wherever else you may desire. The violin and cello duo is a very popular choice for weddings as it is affordable and still very entertaining. Our rich, elegant and polished sound will help set the tone for your wedding and delight you and your guests.

Allegro string trio and Allegro string quartet

The string trio is group of three instruments (two violins and cello). The string quatet is a group of four instruments (two violins, viola and cello). To read more about The Allegro string trio and quartet please visit their website