Violinist Petya Koleva

Offers the perfect musical accompaniment to your wedding. Your guests will be moved by the most emotional and beautiful pieces of wedding music ever composed. Your wedding day will live in your memory forever.

Each stage of your special day can be highlighted with beautiful wedding music accordingly.


The Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony
  • The Prelude Music for the arrival of guests

  • The Processional Music for the entrance of the bride

  • Signing The Register - Music whilst bride and groom sign legal documents

  • The Recessional Music for the departure of the bride, groom and guests

The Wedding Reception


  • Drinks Reception Music whilst bridal party are away for the photographs

  • If required


  • Music during the formal meal

  • First Dance Music for the bride and groom to dance alone

  • Dance / Party Music Music for everyone to dance to and celebrate

Wedding Music Tailored To Suit Your Special Day

Each wedding is tailored musically to suit individual requirements based on themes or specific tastes. Petya will meet you to discuss the type of ambience you have in mind for your wedding.

Indoor and Outdoor Live Wedding Music

It may be that you are having a small intimate wedding or a huge event that continues well into the evening. Petya is professionally equipped to play acoustic or amplified music for any indoor or outdoor venue!